I have several images available as fine art prints, when they are ready, on archival silver-halide paper, with each print signed and numbered–more on that below. Visit prints.timthulsonphoto.com to order.

Certain other images are available for royalty-free licensing via the Alamy photo agency.

As you might expect, images that are available as fine art prints are not generally available for licensing, and vice versa. But do send me an email if you’re looking for something and don’t see it here.

About my system for print numbering

I print photos one at a time, and when I sign a print, I think of it as a finished artistic product–each print. So, for a given image, I number every print I make of that image, and I keep track of when and how each print was made. I don’t, however, limit the number of prints I make for a given image. If it’s ever of interest, you can get in touch to track down how many prints I’ve done of a certain image, and where a certain number falls in the timeline.