Tim ThulsonHi, there! I’m a musician and photographer based out of Alexandria, VA.

My day job is playing cello–I teach and freelance around DC, and am honored to be part of the city’s wonderful community of musicians. More about that at timthulsoncello.com, if you’re interested.

For some years, before switching to cello full-time, I practiced law. And I still do a bit of other work on the side: consulting, arranging, singing.

But I’ve had a camera in my hand longer than I can remember; I think my dad gave me my first when I was 4, and some of my earliest memories are sitting in the darkroom with him and my grandfather, watching them work, waiting for the brief glow of the enlarger, sternly warned against touching anything. Later they taught me about paper and chemistry and I started helping, studying, doing real work on my own.

Photography shares with music rhythm and texture and color: similar metaphors for the same parts of our real-life experience. I can’t articulate it better than that–except to say that whenever I don’t have a cello in hand, I find myself reaching for a camera.

I present here images, made over the years, that mean something to me. Maybe one or two will mean something to you, too.

I’d love to hear from you, and you can find me on several social platforms. I’m posting frequent experiments and working shots to¬†Google+ and Instagram. I’ve got more final-ish work on Behance and Pinterest (where I’m also pinning inspiring work from other artists and photographers; it’s amazing, like a museum at my fingertips…). You can find me on Twitter. Or send an email. Thanks for your interest!